Tiny Art StudioHere’s a little throwback snapshot from my previous tiny art studio space before recently moving to an even smaller place to live.

Every student of the arts needs a place to create, paint, draw, learn and calm the mind.
It doesn’t need to be a large space.

I try to live like a Buddhist monk as much as possible.
Over the years I have now gotten rid of 85% to 90% of my belongings.
With a recent final purge, I almost have next to nothing.

I only try to have what is needed. I don’t collect things. I keep it as minimal as possible.
Through a lot of practice… I’ve learned what the phrase ‘Less Is More’ really means.
It’s powerful.

Living tiny… for me, is the way, there’s no other way to live.

Peace + Love.

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Motiv Covert Revolt … fitted. drilled.
White VISE inserts.

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Here’s a snapshot (Galaxy Note 3) of my tattoo ink cabinet…

I recently switched to Waverly Hand-Mixed Tattoo Ink (pigments). 

I’ve had my eye on them for a few years, and decided to select 25 colors to try.
I like minimalism in life, but especially in art, so I will eventually reduce this ink color palette down to around 16 colors, predominantly used for traditional japanese tattooing. Waverly Inks are hand-mixed and have a really nice and creamy consistency. Ultimately I was won over by the hues and tones of the entire Waverly Ink color line. Also Bill (the owner /creator) has also created a line of acrylic / watercolor paints with the same color palette as the tattoo pigments, and as someone who paints a lot in watercolor, this is exciting. So far I like them.  I’ll note my opinions later when I post finished work using Waverly Ink.

Peace ♥ Love.