August Rainstorm

A nice surprise summer rainstorm came through for most of today. It wasn't your normal 'Cali summer shower', it was definitely warm and humid but it looked like the middle of autumn outside — a nice steady light rain with hints of thunder and lightning.

I worked at my private studio today to get caught up on drawings for upcoming tattoo appointments. Tuesdays are usually set aside for drawing and tattoo design — I don't normally schedule appointments on Tuesdays. 

It was a beautiful day, even from behind my drawing-board at my desk. Some of my favorite memories and moments are when I'm hunkered down in my studio, drinking coffee and working to the sounds of thunder and rain. I find it very relaxing and comforting. Even though I'm an outdoors person, rainy days are my favorite days. 

They're also perfect days for photographs... beautiful natural filtered dramatic light!

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