Tattoo Deposit

Tattoo Deposit


Non-Refundable Tattoo Deposit:

A non-refundable deposit is required for all tattoo appointments. 

A deposit secures your appointment date with me and puts you on my drawing roster. It also covers a portion of my drawing time in the event of a no-show.

The tattoo deposit amount is credited to your final payment amount.

Note: If multiple tattoo sessions are required (due to larger tattoo work, etc.) for your tattoo, then the deposit amount will be credited on your last/final session.

If you are a new/first time client: Please contact me before leaving a deposit at richiemerritt.com — an art consultation with me is required to discuss your tattoo art (size, placement, style, art reference, price, etc) and all the details pertaining to your appointment (dates, times, availability) and my process and procedures information.

Notice:You must be at least 18 Years of age with proof of ID to be tattooed in the State of California.

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